janmashtami recipes


The huge infrastructure of the company plays instrumental role in achieving the success we enjoy today. We are equipped with the best machinery (Marachekku) which has helped in enhancing the production rate and quality of products.

Following stringent quality measures and working under the defined parameters of the company, we have maximized client's satisfaction and their faith in us.


  • Sesame seeds are cleaned and dried under direct sunlight for a specific period of time.
  • The seeds are moved to shaker and destoner to remove the dust and other foreign particles.
  • The cleaned and dried seeds are taken for crushing.
  • Sesame seeds are crushed in rotary chekku for oil extraction.
  • The extracted oil is filtered in triple filtering machine.
  • The sesame oil is collected in tank for quality check.
  • The sesame oil will be tested in AGMARK lab for specification of first grade.

Rotary natural seed crushing method

  • Grinding sesame oil in a rotary grinder along with palm jaggery or sugarcane molasses at normal temperature.
  • The oil yield from this method is 8 to 10% low as compared to the expeller method and the texture (density and aroma) will be heavy and the oil will be refreshingly tasty Oils prepared from the rotary chekku method are preferred in the preparation of ayurvedic medicines.
  • The price of sesame oil is 12 to 15% more compared to expeller oil as the yield is comparatively low and the cost for palm jaggery / sugarcane molasses will have to be taken into account.